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ATTENTION: We NOT responsible for damage caused by one of my programs, functionality or suitability for a special purpose. Usage is allowed under the terms of the license stated in the footer or the license.txt if provided by the program.

Please consider posting criticism or suggestions on the support page.

Maratis for Linux

Maratis for Debian Wheezy 64bit (Works with Ubuntu as well)

Maratis for Windows

Maratis for Windows 32bit (Works with Windows 64bit as well)

Maratis editor themes

Dark Grey Theme

In development:

Lua Editor

Lua Editor is an lightweight editor for editing *.lua script files. This usefull little editor allows you to edit multiple files simultaniously in a tabbed environment. Further functionality is the syntax highlighting and the realtime code parsing to reveal syntax errors on the fly. You can find the GitHub page with the source code here. The code stands under the terms of the GPL3 license.


We write the year 2100. For decades, research is being conducted on the ultimate weapon in secret: Project 4 More...

Pavoris Maxima

Pavoris Maxima is a dark survival horror game in a historical setting. More...

Post Effects Plugin

The Post Effects Plugin allows you the post processing of your realtime rendered scenes using GLSL shaders. More...